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More Than Enough - Commitment Sunday

Abingdon United Methodist Church is a special congregation.  The people of Abingdon have had Methodism in their DNA since the first circuit rider began preaching in 1832 and the first Methodist society formed in 1833.  Our congregation has weathered many storms over the years, in fact, directly following difficult times the church has grown and prospered.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put us in a precarious situation and we need everyone’s help to weather the current storm, but once we get through these waning days of pandemic, we are sure to be stronger than ever-- because of the faith of this congregation and the community that surrounds us.  We hope you will be in prayer for your church and your community, and as you pray we hope that you will consider how you can share your time, your prayer, your worship, your financial gifts, your love, and your life with your church family.

On Sunday, November 21, during morning worship at 9:30am we will complete our current worship series "Enough" with a commitment Sunday "More Than Enough." Everyone is invited to come and share their commitment cards as a spiritual act of committing to the church...but also to help us budget for 2022. Below is a stewardship letter. Hopefully, if you are a church member or attender you received a version of this in the mail. It reminds us of the blessings that come with this congregation. You may choose to share your commitment card online, in-person or by mail. If you did not receive a physical commitment card in the mail they will be available on Sunday morning.

2021-11-10 Stewardship Letter - Abingdon UMC
Download PDF • 182KB

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