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The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021 has increased the wealth gap in America and our communities, community members, schools, businesses, and churches in rural America have been deeply affected, perhaps even disproportionately affected!  Sometimes political commentators will talk on the radio or television about how much savings Americans have or how the economy is booming as we re-open, but it doesn't feel like that to those who are out of work worrying about when extra unemployment, child credits, or stimulus will start or stop.

During 2020, Abingdon United Methodist Church established a Community Fund, expanded our food ministry through The Cupboard and the Closet, built a new partnership with the Midwest Food Bank, encouraged our members to support the community pantry and Feed My Lambs like never before, and started a voucher program to provide a grocery voucher each month to families who had need.  We are not done with supporting our community but how we do that will continue to change over time and other ministries  will continue to change how they do ministry, we imagine.


Whether you need assistance or you wish to help others, this is a place to come to find out how by clicking on the buttons to the left.  To receive help, give help, or learn more you can also call 309-462-3444 Mon-Thurs, 9am-12pm to connect with a ministry or learn more.

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