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The Community Fund

We are very concerned for what is to come next as more-and-more people lose jobs, as basic necessities become harder to find and people find themselves at high-risk of COVID-19 (and for some people even grocery shopping is dangerous).  The Cupboard and The Closet (at the Community Center) and the Community Food Pantry (in the basement of the United Methodist Church) are able to provide modest help through support from Area Food Bank programs like River Bend and Midwest, Feed My Lambs provides snack pack help for children in the community, but there are many people who have a growing need who do not have children in school.  More is going to be necessary to feed, clothe and provide basic necessities for the people of our community.

Abingdon United Methodist Church has established a Community Fund and is mobilizing to provide for this community. This fund is separate from other church funds and is designated to feed our community.  Already people in the community have offered up part of their government stimulus check to help begin this fund and care for our community. This generosity has already allowed the Cupboard and the Closet to re-open with an expanded food capacity.


We are very proud of the churches and all the people of the Abingdon area in supporting Feed My Lambs which provides weekend snack packs during the school year to students and provides a weekly food box to children and their families during the summer when there is no school.  We are also proud of the ministry of the Cupboard and the Closet to feed and clothe anyone who asks, and we are pleased to provide free space to the Community Food Pantry which provides monthly assistance to families with financial need. These organizations together provide for our community month-after-month, but working with these groups there is more to be done as we fight this pandemic and, then, recover our economy.  This fund will stock the Cupboard and the Closet and allow us to direct money to wherever it is most needed to feed our community!