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Faith in Action

We are United Methodists and we come from a tradition of putting faith into action!  John Wesley, and his brother Charles, saw a broken world where children went hungry, people languished in prison with no hope of a better life, domestic abuse was rampant and poverty was ubiquitous.  They got right to work. They fed people. They provided medical care.  They visited people in prison.  At AUMC, we see work that needs to be done in our community and we have already begun.  We feed people through feed my lambs and by supporting two food pantries.  We clothe people with "the cupboard and the closet" ministry.  We support ministries around the world fighting poverty, changing lives in prisons, helping people recover from disaster, providing shelters and job assistance and soup kitchens, and so much more!  We are already at work but there is more to do. Imagine what can be done next!   If you'd like to become part of this kind of Faith in Action connect with us...or just show up at the next event or ministry for your age group!

We support these community groups:

  • Feed My Lambs -- an ecumenical feeding ministry for our community's children in need.  We partner with other churches in the community and gather each week at the new community center to unload the truck, pack the food, and teams distribute the food to our community's most vulnerable children.

  • Abingdon Food Pantry -- a food pantry housed at Abingdon UMC and open to the public on Tuesdays from 12-3:00pm.

  • The Cupboard and The Closet - A ministry of Abingdon United Methodist Church, this food and clothing program is located at the new community center.

  • The Community Garden -- We have community garden established near the church.

  • Emergency Fund - Our church has a fund to temporary assist those who are in the midst of a difficult time.

  • Chaddock School - is located in Quincy.  This United Methodist ministry works with adolescents in crisis.

The United Methodist Church does ministry in our area, across the nation and around the world. Learn more below:

A Deep Faith

Our good works in the world are not just random.  Our action comes from belief.  We worship on Sunday morning and other times through the year during seasonal midweek services.  We also have occasional worship services and prayer vigils as a response to brokenness experienced in our local community or in the world.  We have faith formation for children and adults so that people active in the church are constantly growing and learning and exploring their faith!  We have a weekly prayer team and bible studies throughout the year.  We are rooted in faith, willing to wrestle with doubt, and yearn for a growing relationship with our God...and we invite you to join us as you, too, seek meaning in this world through faith!

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