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  • Rev. Scott Carnes

Church Goes On.

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

There is a lot of concern about health right now. Well, that is an understatement. It's everywhere and as we begin to see churches cancelling in-person worship services we may begin to worry about attendance or finances or longterm church growth. This isn't the time for any of that. This church is strong. It is vibrant. It is filled with faithful people and hearts on-fire for God. I am not worried for the future of this church. Whatever comes we will face it together and be all the stronger!

However, we must not waver. Even when worship must be temporarily changed, we can still praise our God. Even when we don't sit in a beloved space, our God is present. Even when we don't see friends during worship, sunday school or goes on.  First, I encourage everyone to be in prayer for yourself & your family, your neighbors, this congregation, and our community, nation & world.  I encourage everyone to take part in worship whether it be on-line or in-person.  I fully expect that within the next two weeks we will be worshiping on-line primarily, if not entirely, if what we have seen in other areas of the country and world is any indication. I want to assure you that we will be fully prepared should that need arise and leaders will listen for feedback so that we can make the experience as rich as possible.

We, your pastor and leaders, are taking several actions and ask for help in several ways to ensure that our church remains vibrant and connected:

  1. Like last week, we will post an "At-Home Worship Experience" after worship, though, this week it will be delayed as we test new processes for on-line streaming.  I hope it will be posted by Monday at noon at the latest.  A test stream will be available on our Facebook page and our Youtube channel live during worship services this Sunday.

  2. This week we will test new software for Facebook Live and Youtube Live streaming, using existing equipment.  We hope to have a more robust streaming system in place and an on-line design for worship by March 22.  We intend to be fully prepared for likely worship changes.

  3. We will report worship changes and cancellations through local radio & television, our website, and the church social media accounts. Please check each week for changes.

Events are quickly unfolding and will continue to change rapidly as testing becomes more widely available and this disease spreads. To reduce confusion as we wait to see what the upcoming weeks will hold, the follow steps are being taken:

  1. Worship will be streamed on Facebook Live and possibly Youtube Live whether people gather in-person or not. If worship becomes on-line only our worship leaders will meet together and we will invite the congregation to stream the service and respond in comments and perhaps even with video comments so that we can still be a community! If we go to on-line only worship it will be one worship service at 11:00am.

  2. All committee members will have the option to use Zoom (video conference) to attend meetings without physically being present.

  3. At least each week we will email updates with links to our on-line church services and updates about community resources and ways you can be involved in caring for others.

  4. Please check our website calendar for up-to-date schedules. Please check before driving to the church for meetings or activities to save time and frustration.

  5. We have a new, more intuitive, on-line giving system.  It is easy to use and it is tied in to our church management system so you can sign up for access to your records and to save forms of payment (If you use your bank account instead of credit card you save the church money, by the way).

Blessings, Pastor Scott

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