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Sermon Leftover 12/10/23

DOUBT! It is the first thing we tend to notice in a world that is divided and hurting. It is not new information to you that doubt causes fear and pain but what if I told you that we even doubt (bring fear and pain) the greatest joys in our lives. Mike Slaughter puts it this way on page 30 of our book study. 

“Jesus doesn’t lie. The Holy Spirit is with you right now to be your helper through every situation, including the messy ones. When life isn’t making sense, the power of God will be a shadow over you! That gift, however, is often experienced in pain and suffering. Just remember, God’s Promise may be delayed, but it will not be denied.” (P.30)

In our sermon we talked about the fact that we do not always have to be perfect and debunked that the pregnancy of Mary was probably not easy or perfect like we tend to think. On the other hand Mary was alway favored and watched over by God. Doubt and hardship are a part of life, Just because Jesus came to this earth to save us does not mean he takes the hardships away. This is where a relationship with God comes into play. In a relationship we are unable most times to pull friends out of the hard times but we do have the opportunity to help by walking beside them in the hard times. It is no different with the Triune God. God the father sent Jesus to have a relationship with humanity and that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to walk beside all people in their hard times not always to pull them out of it but to always be beside. So, I am sure we all have doubts and struggles, I sure do daily, but let us simply know that we are not alone because the Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer are with us in all our doubts.


Pastor Connor 

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