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Church Camp!

We want to reconnect our children and youth to church camp. There are some amazing camps this summer, East Bay and Little Grassy - United Methodist Camps. As prices have increased and kids have gotten busier, fewer kids from Abingdon made it to camp, but connecting with God’s creation is more important than ever before in our fast-paced, electronic world. Help your child, grandchild and their friends disconnect for a week and connect with all that God has created and continues to do in this world!!!

This year our church council has voted to cover half of the cost for any child that wants to go to camp. Families that might still have difficulty covering that cost, such as having multiple children who wish to attend or other financial limitations, should speak to Rev. Carnes or Susan Wernsman so that additional scholarship money can be made available.

We want every child to be able to attend camp this year because we believe it will change the lives of children and youth and it will benefit our church, community and world!!!

2020 Camping Guides are available at the church and a full list of camps (and online registration) is available online at

Abingdon UMC goes to Camp!!!!

Not only do we hope children and youth from the church will choose to attend camp this year, but Rev. Carnes is a dean for AIR camp at Little Grassy Camp this year and he, Carrie & Henry will be heading down after church on Sunday, June 21. We would love to take a whole group of Jr. & Sr. High youth along in the church van!!! Little Grassy camp is down in the middle of Shawnee National Forest and youth in 6th-12th grades will connect with nature; engage with loud and fun worship; grow with God in small groups with other kids their age; and have a blast with a hundred other youth in the lake, playing games, and going on adventures.

We also encourage children in 3-5 grades to consider going as a group to Campelodeons 2 camp at East Bay, June 16-19. This camp will enliven our children with an excitement about God’s world, grow new friendships, and grow in relationship with God through crafts, swimming, and games along Lake Bloomington!

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