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  • Pastor Connor Morrison

Are you right?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

John 9:8-16

As a student my entire life so far has been focused on finding the correct answer. Every time I see the red pin mark a little bit of anxiety sparks up. But is our world today not the same way? It seems from my view that our world is either black or white, right, or wrong, you're in or you're out and that is that. Our scripture today points the same thing out. In verses 16 and 17 we see the religious leaders fighting over who Jesus is. One camp says, “This man isn’t from God, because he breaks the Sabbath law.” The other group says, “How can a sinner do miraculous signs like these?” Finally, they asked the Blind man who Jesus was, and he responded, “A Prophet.” From my point of view, I say they are all not quite to the light that I see Jesus in. Jesus is the fully sinless and divine Son of God. This scripture points to the fact that we all look at Jesus in a different light. One group saw him as a threat to their power, another is beginning to wonder if He is the Messiah and finally the healed man who believes fully in Jesus' Prophetic works due to the actions this man saw. My point is that we are not always right or wrong, it is simply the way we are looking at Jesus. I am sure that you have someone in your life that sees Jesus differently than you. How would things change if I asked them about it instead of simply saying, “I am right, you're wrong that's that!” So, in a world and time that is so divisive as to who is right or wrong, who is in or out, let us attempt to see Jesus through their eyes before Judgment comes from our mouths. Jesus will be the final judge to who was right or wrong not me and you.


Pastor Connor Morrison

Prayer: Christ our Lord, let me see with your eyes someone's point of view, let me speak with your lips the loving grace that you speak and let me love the way you did for all of creation. In your mighty name we pray, Amen.

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