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  • Pastor Connor Morrison

The Raging Storms of Life

John 6:16-25

Life is not easy! I think we all can agree that this world has its struggles and hardships. The storms of life tend to be right at our front door most days in some way shape or form. In my life I say that, often I create my own storms. In middle through high school, you could tell I was doing too much if I got sick. At one point in high school, I remember in one year being in nearly ten extracurriculars, taking hard class, going through confirmation and Chrysalis and eventually I got sick. Guess what happened… More work piled up and now I was looking at the storm and struggles right in the face. In our scripture today the disciples were on this boat and Jesus was gone on his own. At this point a storm came in. The disciples would have been scared of the massive storm and of the man walking on the water. Then they hear this, “I Am. Don’t be afraid.” They would have known at that moment that it was Jesus the Divine on the water. Then suddenly they were safe. I cannot say that I do much different today. I still work far too much, have a 16-credit hour load in school, lead walk to Emmaus weekends, spend time in my relationship with my wife Courtney and attend numerous Doctors appointments for my twins that are coming soon. Here is the difference today, now I know Christ will be on the water making sure I get to the other side. When I have had too much, and I see the storm about to capsize all that I am working for I have faith that Christ will see me through this storm in a more powerful way than I could ever imagine!


Pastor Connor Morrison

Reflection: What are your storms in life and how might they be more manageable if you have faith Christ will see you through?

Prayer: God of grace, when our storms of life are raging stand by us, allow us to see you on the water and know you will make sure we get to the other side. In Jesus name. Amen.

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