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Palm Sunday at Home | Mar. 28

Updated: May 16, 2021

Welcome to online worship Palm Sunday, March 28. This Friday we will celebrate Good Friday with other Christians in our community at New Harvest Church at 7pm.

The pandemic has been financially hard for many and the same is true for churches. Abingdon United Methodist Church is hard-at-work feeding and clothing people every week, providing quality worship, and finding creative new ways to be a church. Every dollar given to this congregation is devoted to making disicples and changing lives for the better. You are invited to invest in that ministry through your online banking or through our website:

Send checks to:

Abingdon United Methodist Church

PO Box 311

Abingdon, IL 61410

Announcements, news and calendars are now available primarily on the website rather than during a verbal announcement time during our online worship.

DVDs and CDs of this morning's service (and past services) are available at the office M-Th, 10am-12pm for pickup or arrange with the office for them to be left for after hours pick-up. We also now have DVD players available to those who would benefit from them!


Announcements - our website announcements and our online calendar.

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