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Worship Together.

Our church wants, above all, to be connected and together in worship-- connected to God and connected to one another. We know there have been far too many changes with worship over the past 18 months, but the church council has listened to the congregation and decided to go back to one worship service, but at 9:30am. The later time will allow more people to take part in worship, we hope and having one service will allow us to best utilize our musical talent and leaders for the most robust worship possible. We hope this worship service will be the very best of contemporary and traditional elements, but more importantly, we hope this worship service allows us to become a more united congregation.

Please join in worship on October 17 as we begin worshiping together weekly with a newly blended worship service (and please share your helpful feedback as we continually try to get the blend just right ;-)

((On October 10 we will have one last Sunday with two services, following the schedule we established in September))

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