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Worship Series: A Disciple's Path

This lent we will journey 'the disciple's path' to go deeper in faith and learn about our Wesleyan roots and what it means to be United Methodist during Lent. Each week we will explore one of five vows of membership:

Ash Wednesday (Feb. 26) “The Definition of a Disciple” with imposition of ashes Mark 12:28-31

Mar. 1 - “Prayer” with Holy Communion Luke 18:1-14

Mar. 8 - “Presence” Hebrews 10:19-25

Mar. 15 - “Gifts” Mark 12:41-44

Mar. 22 - “Service” Matthew 25:14-30

Mar. 29 - “Witness” Pulpit Swap with Trinity Lutheran John 4: 4-27 - Rev. Carrie Carnes, preaching

Apr. 5 - “Arriving in Jerusalem” Luke 19:28-40

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