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Moving Online This Week

Due to increased risks, calls by the Department of Public Health, and mitigations from the governor's office our bishop has instructed churches to go on-line only. I have cancelled in-person worship for this week only and I'm calling a special church council meeting by Zoom for Monday night when we can discuss the bishop's instructions, state guidelines and the requirements of our insurance.

I know that these past months have been frustrating with months of online only worship, in-person & online worship for several months, and now a new time of uncertainty. Despite anxiety and uncertainty, the people of this church have remained faithful to God in prayer and worship and this church has shown care for neighbor by taking precautions, including wearing masks. I am proud of your sacrifices and I am proud of your commitment to faith and community. I must ask you, again, to trust in our God: that our God will walk with us even as we must make sacrifices to help protect our families', friends', and neighbors' physical and economic health.

Just as this pandemic is changing the nature of politics, education, government, and commerce, this pandemic is also changing the nature of church. We won't know how or how much...but we can know that our God is with us, this church is strong, and our God will do great things with this church! God is good and God will provide, of that I am certain!


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