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Fail Forward | Worship Series

Beginning September 8 we will begin a journey in the life and ministry of Simon Peter. The Apostle was a flawed man who made plenty of mistakes and failed along the way, just like us, today. What can we learn from this remarkable and persistent disciple of Christ?

September 8 - "Simon the Fisherman"

Luke 5:1-11 & Baptismal Reaffirmation

September 15 - "When It Gets Stormy"

Matthew 14:22-34

September 22 - "Bedrock or Stumbling Block?"

Matthew 16:13-23

September 29 - "I Will Not Deny You!!!"

Mathew 26:31-35

October 6 - "From Cowardice to Courage"

John 21:4-18 & Communion - World Communion Sunday Rev. Carrie Carnes, preaching

October 13 - "The Rest of the Story"

Acts 3:1-8 & Handwashing

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