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  • Rev. Scott Carnes

Communion 2020

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Beginning on September 27 we will have our first communion since the pandemic caused us to change worship in March. During the worship series “Come to the Table” we will celebrate communion each week (September 27, October 4, and October 11) during, both, our in-person and on-line worship services.

In-Person Worship

Congregants are encouraged to bring their own communion from home, but professionally pre-sealed communion cups will also be available for anyone who does not bring communion with them.

You may wonder how to prepare communion to bring to worship. In the United Methodist Church there is some latitude with the physical elements. We recommend: bread, rolls, buns, pita, tortillas, or crackers. Though, we recommend “plain breads and crackers” without lots of seeds or extra / added flavors. Any 100% juice is perfectly acceptable for communion and we recommend the no-sugar added juice.

When worshiping in-person we ask that you bring communion bread in a re-sealable container and try to only bring what you will use to limit messes and waste. Empty water bottles might be a way to bring juice. Individual bottles or boxes of 100% no sugar added juice are available in-town at Dollar General and Hi-Lo.

On-line Worship

If you are worshiping at home the advice is the same as above. Congregants may use communion elements from their home or grocery store, but anyone who wishes may call the office to make arrangements to pick up, in advance, professionally pre-sealed communion cups for all who will be worshiping with you.

Obviously one doesn’t need to worry about packing the elements and worshipers are welcome to use wine instead of juice. At home we recommend creating a worship space on a table or end table with the communion elements visible or under a cloth during worship, if possible.

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