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Be Healthy. Be Safe.

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

This post was updated March 14, 2020

We care about your health. During this cold and flu season (and as Coronavirus reaches the US) we encourage all worshipers to take care of themselves and others:

  1. We have antibacterial soap, baskets of handwipes, and hand sanitizer throughout the building. Please ensure that you and your family wash hands often, using sanitizer when washing isn’t possible. You Aren't just doing this for yourself: you are protecting at-risk populations like the elderly and young children!

  2. Commonly touched surfaces are disinfected by volunteers after each worship service in the sanctuary after each worship service. Volunteers are still needed for 11am and additional volunteers for 8:30am can speak with Dave McKillip and Connie Green.

  3. Amid Flu & Coronavirus concerns: We ask that everyone with even mild cold or flu symptoms would stay home from church during this time to protect those who might be especially vulnerable. Rev. Carnes will be providing a “worship at home” option for those who can’t attend on any given week by email. Simply be sure the office has your correct email or check our website on Sundays.

  4. We have removed everything from our pews including hymnals and pencils, but anything worshipers prefer will be available at the main entrance, simply ask a greeter or usher and return anything to a drop off cart before leaving.

  5. We will post any worship and midweek changes or cancellations on social media, our website and it will be reported to local television and radio stations.

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